Vent mama, vent!

If you read these pages you probably want to vent about your husband, boyfriend, life-partner, father, mother, best friend or maybe you just need to hear somebody else’s troubles to make you feel better so you know you are not there alone. And that’s why I created this blog. To make me feel better but also to make you feel better.

I don’t have many friends where I live, honestly I have one mom neighbor I occasionally hang out with and that’s it. I do have few very good friends but they live on the other side of the world where my home used to be until I fell in love with my husband and gave up everything I had to share my life with him. Now he is my reason I am writing this blog. I can’t only punch my pillow or picture stabbing him with the fork all over again (yes this is how he might die one day, just joking) I need to share his man brain with the world. I really don’t think I am the crazy one. He makes me crazy sometimes! Who am I kidding, most of the time or all the time.

We have a beautiful 10 month old daughter Leila. If you have kids you know how precious they are and you love them so much even more than hot cup of coffee or uninterrupted shower. Even though you would give up your soul for these things sometimes, you love your little lovely monsters. On the other side if you are in a similar relationship I am, you live with one more monster. This kind is without the word lovely. He has a switch and occasionally turns in to my husband but for this purpose let’s call him Mr. M. So Mr. M works as a chef what practically means I am a single mother because he is gone for 12-13 hours a day. It used to be 14-15 a day. We moved across the ocean for this difference, yay! He starts at noon and comes home after midnight. I know he works hard I really do even when he doesn’t believe me but he comes home and sleeps until he goes back to work. And this drives me nuts!!! He is not single anymore, he is a father for Christ sakes and he is going to tell me how much he misses our daughter because he can’t spend enough time with her. Well, get your lazy ass off the bed after 8 hours of sleep and hang out with her! This man sleeps up to 10 hours during his work days and up to 12 hours on his days off! What was the last time I slept this long??? When Leila was a newborn I slept 12 hours in 3 days and that was a lucky week. And my sleeping beauty (that’s how I call him in a front of Leila) doesn’t have any shame to remind me every day how tired he is. And what am I??? Beautiful well rested princess????

He also has the gut to tell me how many hours he worked this week. I always tell him I work 24/7 and my job never ends but according to him that’s not true. Wtf??? Are you even from this planet? Seriously I am speechless and it makes me sick he thinks this way. He still take a shit for 20 minutes, showers for another 15 and eats a hot meal. I have to do all of these in a speed of light and having a hot meal it’s something out of this world. At the beginning when our baby was born I used to wake him up and ask for help. I learned very quickly not to do that. The monster got woken up and instead of helping me he yelled at me and refused to help because he has to rest! Leila had a severe reflux for the first 5 months so I couldn’t put her down, she had days when she cried from 10 am to 6 pm nonstop and as a new mom I didn’t know what to do, nothing was working and Mr. M didn’t care. Would it kill you to come to me and give me 10 minute break? I guess it would because he never came. Now I don’t bother him I just picture the fork action…

Don’t be an idiot like me and if you can, give your sleeping beauty a screaming baby and go for a walk. I wish I was strong enough to do that… If you live in a similar situation let me know and let’s vent a little bit cause we all need it!

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