Big 30

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not any kind but da kind! I think turning 30 is a big deal for every woman. My best friend refused all the party invitations and went to hide to her parents house. Totally understandable but I would actually appreciate some kind of action. Not having family and friends around makes you feel pretty lonely and especially on the day like this.

My dear husband (Mr.M) called me from work today and I naively hoping he got a day off for tomorrow (he didn’t), tells me he is going to have a few drinks after work because his coworker is something something… He told me he will be a DD (designated driver). I almost flipped the stroller over cause he is the biggest drunk guy in a group. All the time! He said it will be for about 30-45 minutes. You know what Mr.M, go to say this BS to someone else and not to your wife who didn’t fall out of a tree yesterday. Last time he said he will go for a couple drinks with his coworker he came home at 3:30am and wasted. I called him at 2:15 cause I knew the bar closes at 2 so I was like “hey what’s up” and he said they are standing in a front of a closed bar and trying to figure out how to get an Uber. Not mentioning when he answered the phone he had me on a speaker phone and this woman’s voice started to talk to me. Wtf? Who was she? And why is she defending him? You bitch! Ok she wasn’t a bitch. She ended up being his coworker’s girlfriend but still. He told me it supposed to be only 2 of them and all the sudden it’s a couples date without me? Anyway she actually sounded sober enough so I was talking to her most of a time cause Mr. M was just big drunk bla bla. The bar was less than a mile away from our apartment where we moved couple weeks ago from another state. So she tells me its difficult to find an Uber at this hour (no kidding) but one might come in 45 minutes. Might? And 45 minutes? He could walk and be home before that! But no, his drank ass came at 3:30. Meanwhile I am taking care of his baby and worry about him. If he was a happy drunk I wouldn’t care. If he didn’t have an alcohol problem (let’s not to call it an alcoholism yet) I wouldn’t care. But he does! He is super angry when he drinks and let’s guess who gets it. The dump slave who washes his dirty underwear. But this wasn’t the main story.

So today what is a month away from this Uber incident and 3 days away from a big fight he tells me he is going to have couple drinks. Does he even know I turn 30 at midnight? I already know he won’t be here. It will be a very nice surprise if he sticks to his words and comes home in decent condition and early… Luckily I have the best baby in a world to hang out with and even she can’t sing Happy B-day to me yet, her one smile makes me to forget all the drama.

My every day B-day present
My every day B-day present

Plan ahead for your big day and if there is still someone who wants to ruin it, lock the door, soundproof the room and let Bridget Jone’s Diary help you through it. If you don’t have any children to watch, getting wasted is also appropriate.

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