When you hit the jackpot on Sunday morning

The last few years where pretty rough financially for my family. We moved to another state to have a better life but so far we are still falling. Are we at the rock bottom yet? Having $62 for another week sounds like we already hit it but who knows. 

The whole night I was tossing and turning and trying to figure it out the ways how to come up with second income. My husband already works 50-60 hours a week and it’s super frustrating that it’s not enough so it’s up to me to find some quick solution. But this morning when I was playing with my baby in a bed she stood up and gave me this gorgeous smile. She can’t talk much but I felt she was saying, “don’t worry mommy, everything is going to be all right”. And she was right. We have each other, we are healthy, have the roof above our head and some food to eat so we will survive. There are people out there who don’t have any of that and I can’t believe how they do it. Especially with children. So instead of complaining I am saying thank you for everything I have. I keep forgetting how rich I actually am. Most of a time my mind gets stuck from living this hectic materialistic world and I forget what is really important. I was truly blessed with the best baby ever and she makes me a better person each day. She is my jackpot, my billion dollars and I wouldn’t trade even one of her smiles for all the money in this world. 


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