Leila (birth story)

I can’t believe my baby girl is 11 months old today what means next month she will celebrate her first birthday! The time is running and I really hope I won’t blink and there will be a young woman standing in a front of me instead of my little baby. I’ve always wanted to share her birth-story because it was such a beautiful and crazy experience so there it is.

It all started a day before when my coworkers surprised me with the last minute baby shower. Instead of our mandatory meeting I walked in to a room full of people waiting for me to surprise me. I live far away from my family and close friends so my heart is still melting when I think what these people have done for me and my daughter. I came home around midnight with the truck full of presents which my coworkers helped me to carry to my house. By the time I went to the bed it was 2am. I slept only 2 hours because I worked at 5am and around 4:30 I started to feel some pressure in my stomach. Didn’t think too much of it since I was tired and still full of emotions from my baby shower. I came to work and started our regular routine with my coworker. I was a recreation officer at the resort so our duty in the morning was to go to the beach and set up 90 lounge chairs with umbrellas then go to the pool side to clean the pools, set up cabanas and towel desk. Despite my 9 months big belly I didn’t mind the physical work, it kept mi fit the whole pregnancy. After we set up the pool side my coworker went back to the beach and I stayed at the pool. The pressure was getting stronger every hour so when 9 o’clock hit I called my hospital to see what was going on. Every book, every class tells you about false labor and how first timers takes forever to bring the baby to this world. They also wouldn’t admit you to the hospital unless you are 4-5cm or your water broke. Having this in my mind I thought this is a false labor and when I called the nurse she didn’t seem to be very much concerned either. I told her I was having these weird “pressure” contractions and they were definitely coming closer and closer maybe every 3 minutes and lasted about 30 seconds. So she told me to keep timing them and call her in an hour. My another coworker who came later was helping me to keep track of them and they last sometimes even more than a minute. The pain was getting worse and it got to the point that I called my boss and asked if I could go home. At 10 o’clock I called my husband to pick me up. 

We came home and started to get ready to go to the hospital. At this point I was already grabbing on things when contractions hit me. I went to take a quick shower and slowly finished packing my hospital bag. My husband jumped to the shower as well, packed his stuff, taking his time what I didn’t mind because I wanted them to admit me so I needed to be far in labor. I thought.. I called our friends to let them know it might be a baby time so they could pick up our doggy.

I looked at the mess in a hallway from all those gifts I’ve got last night and thought to myself “if these contractions are for real am I bringing our baby girl to this horrible mess?” I am sure every first time mom wants to have everything perfectly ready, organized and clean before baby arrives and that wasn’t about to happened.

So we got in to the car and the longest drive of my life began. We lived one hour away from the hospital and being Friday noon and driving on this tourist overcrowded island with only one main road made me want to kill every single one of them! Our poor car got a lot of punches and I have to say german engineering proved itself again because I was sure I was going to rip that door handle off. Finally we arrived to the hospital. My dear husband was turning to the parking lot when I opened my widest eyes and not very lovely barked at him “why the hell are you not dropping me of at the front?!” It takes about 10 minutes just to find a spot to park and then walk (at that point 100 miles) to my floor. He yelled at me back saying that this wasn’t the plan. What plan he was talking about?! We never had a plan! So anyway I made him to drop me off at the lobby, sat down and waited for him. Then we went to the labor & delivery floor together. When we came there I could barely walk so they brought me to my room and told me to change so I went to the bathroom and as soon as I took all my clothes off my water broke. Honestly it couldn’t be better timing 🙂 So I called the nurse and told her what happened and apologized like million times for the mess on the floor. I love how they always show it in the movies “oh my water broke let’s go the hospital.” Damn right 😀 The same clothes and everything 😀 So I climbed on the bed and they checked me and my midwife said I was 9 centimeters! All right I guess I am having a baby today 🙂 From this point everything was going very quickly. I had amazing team of nurses and my midwife Bonnie was absolutely awesome. I was so grateful to see her familiar face because she did few of mine prenatal visits. I gave birth at Kaiser and the way they work here is that you can not schedule your doctor or midwife for your labor you just go with whoever is working that time. Being here with no family or close friends she made my birth as it was done at home with the support I wanted. My husband was next to me the whole time I don’t even know what he was saying I just liked his presence. There is one thing tho what I remember him saying and that was to spit my gum. I said hell no I am not getting rid off my gum! I already look like shit so the least I can do is not to have stinky breath when I meet my baby for the first time. 

Maybe couple of hours went by when I was contracting in my bed hooked up to the monitors when they told me to go pee so baby can have a room when I start pushing. I was sitting on the toilet when the contraction hit me the way I was almost on my knees biting the metal railing next to me! At that moment I was thinking I am about to give up my natural birth and ask for an epidural. I never created a birth plan like some mamas do, the only think I wanted was to see if I can handle natural birth and if not to go with an epidural. So right there on a floor in the bathroom I almost asked for it. But then my brain started to function again and reminded me I am already so far and baby will be here soon. So I called the nurse who helped me to go back to the bed and she did another check and “bam” it was time to push. I was pushing for over an hour until this beautiful tiny human being was placed on my belly. Midwife said her whole body wasn’t even out yet when she started to cry. I was glad to do it without an epidural so she wasn’t drowsy from all the drugs. As soon as she touched me she calmed down and literally snuggled in to me. We didn’t decide on a name so now was the time to come up with one. The whole pregnancy people kept asking me if we found the name yet and I always said I have to see my baby first. I don’t know how people have the name picked out before they see their child. Well good for them but in my case the name had to fit her. I knew I will know when I see her. We named her Leila. I’ve never met anybody with that name but it fits her perfectly. So my beautiful little princess was born and since that second my life totally changed. Even I have rough days sometimes I wouldn’t trade it for the whole world. She is my everything, my soul, my best friend, my whole purpose of living and I thank her and God every day I am so blessed to be her mom.

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2 thoughts on “Leila (birth story)

  1. WOW!! AKo si prosim ta este mohla byt v praci v den porodu, obdivujem ta!! To je bezne alebo sa narodila Leila skor? A ze si spokojne si pobalila tasku a rozmyslala nad bordelom a vedela, ze mas hodinu do nemocnice, pocuvaj, ty si iny salamista! 😀 a s tou zuvackou ta rozumiem, ja som dva tyzdne chodila spat s namalovanym obocim a rano ho odmalovala a nanovo a nalakovanymi nechtami, ze ked konecne zacne porod nech nejak vyzeram 😀 😀


    • Tu je iba 6 tyzdnova materska a mozes ju zacat cerpat tyzden-dva pres porodom ale potom ti ostane menej casu s babatkom takze vacsina zien ostava robit az do poslednej chvile… zlate slovensko 😄 a s tym obocim ta chapem, kebyze nerodim na mieste kde mi mejak zleze od potu minutu po nasadeni tak aj ten si dam, aspon by trochu zakril pigmentove skvrny a nevyzerala som ako kinder vajco 😄


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