When home is one click away

I did it! No, I didn’t kill my husband with the fork if you were wandering but I pulled the trigger and bought a flight ticket to Slovakia. I am still in shock that finally after 2.5 years I am going home. Of course I am taking Leila with me and as much as I am scared to fly such a long distance with her that how much excitement I have to see my family and friends and introduce them my adorable tiny human being .

Since we moved to Oregon I was looking at flight tickets every day and it was driving me nuts because they were super expensive or didn’t fit my dates but finally after months of browsing I found it. 

Even when we are still super broke it’s better for me to travel now than next year because by then I should have a job already and nobody would let me to take vacation after couple months. Flying wit an infant is way cheaper and the time is clicking.

My husband is not going and I know he will miss Leila but he is also going to enjoy the freedom with no “bitching” so I am sure he is excited too.

So yeah, only 1.5 month and I will sleep in my bed, eat my mom’s home cooked meals, play with my niece and nephew, have a heart to heart with my sister, laugh on my dad’s jokes, have a coffee (maybe cocktails 😊) with my girlfriends, walk on my secret roads around the town, sit on the wall underneath of the castle with the view of the town (if my butt won’t freeze cause it will be October already), listen to the bells at noon, go to the church and be happy every second every day for the whole time I will be there. But what is the most amazing thing from all? That everything what I miss and everything what I just named I am going to do with my daughter by my side. I am sure it’s going to be little weird to be home with her for the first time and live a life what I was used to for so long with one more addition to our family. Or maybe not and it might feel so natural like she was with me there the whole time. And when I am thinking about it right now she was there with me the whole time. As an angel above me waiting to meet me when the time was right. Now I am bringing you back my love.

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